The four bars you have to visit when in Iceland

We talked to Jónas Heiðarr Guðnason the head bartender at Apotek which is one of Iceland’s most prestigious bars. Jónas studied bartending  in London and has been successful in bar tending competitions in Iceland. He even took home the award for the best cocktail at Food & fun last year. We asked him to give us his choice for the best bars located in Reykjavík.

Geiri Smart

Geiri smart.PNG
The dining area at Geiri Smart

Geiri Smart is located at the bottom floor of Hilton Canopy Reykjavik. They serve really good drinks in a super comfortable atmosphere. The place is very stylish but has a really interesting look to it. It kind of feels like going to visit your grandma but at the same time everything is really modernly decorated. On top of that the bartenders there are fun, creative and really know their cocktails.


The bar and dining area at Kol

Kol is a restaurant/bar that has been doing really innovative things with their cocktails recently and have been picking up trends in the global cocktail scene rapidly. The food there is also amazing.


The bar at Slippbarinn

Slippbarinn can be found at the ground floor of Icelandair hotel Reykjavík Marina. It has been one of the leading bars in the Icelandic cocktail scene for quite a while now. They are unafraid to try new things with their drinks and change up their cocktail menu. As an example they are currently experimenting with serving cocktails from a slushee machine.


The bar at Apótek restaurant

And of course I can’t do this list without mentioning my own bar at Apótek restaurant. We have a great lounge for people that want to enjoy our cocktails. We only use high quality spirits and a lot of our ingredients are homemade. A lot our custom cocktails/ingredients are made in collaboration with the expert chefs in the kitchen. The place has a really cozy interior and a great vibe to it.

You can check out Jónas’s instagram here

The websites for the bars can be found here


Golf in the amazing landscape of Iceland

When people think of Iceland, the first thing that comes to mind is snow and cold weather. That´s why golfing is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about activities in Iceland. There are about 65 golf courses in Iceland so the variety is enough. Golfing is an amazing way to experience the beautiful landscape that Iceland has to offer. Due to Iceland´s northern location there are almost 24 hours of sunlight during June and July. This makes it possible to enjoy midnight golfing, which is completely another experience.

We decided to pick three golf courses worth playing, which combine the best of Icelandic nature and offer high quality golfing experience.

Brautarholt Golf Course

Brautarholt Golf Course is located only a 30 minutes away from Reykjavík. It has spectacular view over Reykjavík, the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain Esja. This high quality nine-hole golf course is located in a remarkable nature. It has the biggest greens in Iceland which are known for their high quality. This golf course made it into Golf Digest´s top 100 list of best golf courses in Scandinavia and was actually the only nine hole golf course on that list.



Vestman Island Golf Course

Vestmannaeyjar Golf course is located on an island south of Iceland. It has a reputation for having one of the best greens in Iceland. Because of the landscape it offers many great challenges for example teeing off against a backdrop of volcanic walls. It is extremely difficult because of changing wind directions and unpredictable weather. The course plays well with its surroundings and lets you play across and over the sea.



Kiðjaberg Golf Course

Kiðjaberg golf course is located in the southern part of Iceland. In English the course is called White River Golf Course. It is located between the river Hvítá (White River) and the lake Hestavatn. It is known for its exceptionally beautiful surroundings.




Brautarholt Golf Course

Vestman Island Golf Course

Icelandic Vikings


The Icelandic history preserves many interesting sagas about the vikings who are said to have settled the country from the Norse kingdom of mainland Europe in the 8th century.

In the ancient Icelandic language the word “viking” translates to “pirate, a man who conducts sea warfare” which indicates that those people may not have been very friendly. Most of the Icelandic sagas also include ruthless stories about people killing each other.

Let’s take a brief look at the history of the Icelandic vikings in the following video.

Source : Youtube


Archaeologists in Iceland have excavated many archaeological things such as weapons, and other artifacts which they trace back to the Viking age. If you’re interested you can see most of them by visiting the National Museum of Iceland which is located in Reykjavík.

 From the National Museum of Iceland. Photos by TripAdvisor.

Most of the people in the Viking age lived in turf houses which are still standing today in multiple places in the country, some of them have been under constant monitoring and maintenance to preserve the culture of ancient times.

The house which Erik the Red lived at, Eiríksstaður in Haukadalur in the Dalasýsla region of Iceland. It was the birthplace of his son Leifur Eiríksson, the first known European discoverer of the Americas. Photo by TripAdvisor.


In Iceland, you can find many different entertainment activities related to the Viking age like the restaurant Fjörukráin or Viking Village, where the theme of the place is the Viking age. It’s located at Hafnarfjörður, there you can enjoy modern food while getting entertained by the waiters who sing ancient folk songs.

The restaurant Fjörukráin at Hafnarfjörður. Photo by VikingVillage.

Theatre is also actively creating shows about the Icelandic viking sagas where they are performed as a comedy act. Like the show Icelandic sagas which is performed regularly throughout the year at the venue Harpa.

The show Icelandic sagas performed at Harpa. Photos by TripAdvisor.

Movies filmed in Iceland

Did you know that these movies were filmed in Iceland? Icelandic landscape has been very popular in movies that happen on another planets.

James Bond, Ben Stiller, Jon Snow, Angelina Jolie, Batman. What do all these people have in common? They have all filmed in Iceland. Check out scenes, making of and behind the scenes from movies like Interstellar, Rouge one, Oblivion, Prometheus, Lara Croft and Game of Thrones here.

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